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A Life in Fast Forward

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The Village Idiot
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For my dreams....

A mix of reality and psychosis....

So many, so often...they need their own journal.

"Thus is the endless joke called, life."

The Life people think I lead.

silhouettes that have no reflection
turn to the mirror and wish that they did

such misery and woe for one
to not see themselves for what they are

trapped in a world of shadows
a never ending sea of darkness

i have entered the pit
the abbess, the unknown

my personal odyssey

my prison

I am a girl who is, in truth, just a faceless shadow.

I really can not label myself for I have no category. If anything I am a wanderer, travelling from one experience to another. Have I learned anything from it? Sometimes I think so, other times I dread that I didn't. I fear that I will hit the REWIND button, again and again, getting myself caught in endless repetition.

I teeter on the border of realty, the dotted line that separates me from the light and the darkness...so I continue to see gray.

That is my Life Sentence
Am I on PAUSE?

Wasted ≠ ana bible